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Star sign charts or birth charts can be rather complicated for people who are unfamiliar with them. Birth charts differ from person to person because these refer to the planetary placement in twelve different houses during the moment of your birth. No birth charts are the same; even twins do not have the same birth chart. This is because the positioning of the stars and planets, as well as global location make a difference in how your chart is read.

If you want to find out what your birth chart looks like, then you should find out specific details, like your birth date, exact time of birth, and location. The birth chart is divided into 12 houses. The sun, moon, rising signs, and each planet are located in both a house and zodiac sign. Once you know what your birth chart looks like, you can use the following guide below so you can understand it better.

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The birth chart is the snapshot of the sky during the exact moment of your birth. It is the exact location of the planets and the specific constellation that they occupy during your birth. There are four main elements, which are fire, earth, air, and water, and these are the fundamental building blocks of your birth chart. Each sun sign or zodiac sign belongs to one of the four elements. The sun signs belonging to the same element have the same basic characteristics. A birth chart will let you see what element you are strong or weak in.

The Sun – The sun sign or zodiac sign is the position of the sun during the time of your birth. The sun is the symbol of an individual’s essence. The sun is considered the most important feature of a person’s birth chart because it symbolizes the ego, basic personality, sense of one’s self, and preferences. The sun rules the zodiac sign, Leo. The sun’s sign and the house reflect how you present yourself to the world. By understanding which house it is placed in, it can help you clear any question about your life and career path.

The Rising Sign or Ascendant – This sign represents the version of yourself that the whole world sees. It represents the person’s appearance, outer personality, general outlook, and how you take action. It can be seen as the mask or veil that you wear when you face the rest of the world.

The Moon – The moon is the one that rules your feminine side. It represents everything beneath the surface. It affects your needs, emotions, and intuition. The moon’s position will allow you to understand your needs and what will make you feel secure and safe. The moon works on an individual’s subconscious. When you are doing something unconsciously that is the qualities of your natal Moon.

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Mercury – Mercury is the planet governing a person’s mental processes. It shows how your mind works and how you think. It also reflects how you learn, receive, process, and distribute information. It also determines how you communicate with other people and shows your overall attitude and mental habits.

Venus – Venus is the planet governing how people relate to others. It shows you the kind of people you are attracted to, the people who are attracted to you, and how you experience love. By understanding your Venus sign, you will know what type of interpersonal relationships you will need to be happy and content in life. It also describes what gives you pleasure and your perception of love.

Mars – Mars is the planet governing your independent and active side. It reveals how you deal with life apart from your relationships. Mars also symbolizes action, how you present yourself in your work, and what activities and sports you prefer.

Jupiter – Jupiter is the planet that represents fortune, abundance, spirituality, good luck, and success. Jupiter in a person’s birth chart will help you see your strengths and determine what kind of job you will enjoy having.

Saturn – Saturn is the planet that represents stability, discipline, structure, and lessons. It shows where you are tested — the challenges that you have to face to attain success in life. Saturn can also show you that you can enjoy the rewards of life by working hard. It also describes a person’s stability in relationships.

Uranus – Uranus is the planet that symbolizes innovation, new technologies, and society. The Uranus sign represents if and how a person can embrace life’s unconventional side.

Neptune – Neptune is the planet that governs spirituality, creativity, and healing. It represents fantasy and escaping from reality. Neptune governs Pisces, the water sign that is known for amazing imagination and psychic powers.

Pluto – Pluto represents destruction, power, transformation, and regeneration. Pluto reminds us that for change to happen, you must be willing to release and let go of the past. It shows us where you can experience growth in different areas of your life. Pluto governs Scorpio, the water sign known for its mysterious disposition.

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The Twelve Houses

In your birth chart, you will notice there are twelve sections which are known as the twelve houses. Each house is unique and governed by a zodiac sign and planet. The houses help explain how a specific part of life the planet’s energy will manifest for you such as your identity, personality, career, job, relationships, etc.

1st House

Ruled by Mars and Aries, the 1st house reveals a person’s personality and identity. It is also the location of your Rising sign or Ascendant.

2nd House

Ruled by Venus and Taurus, the second house shows a person’s self-worth and earned income. It will help you get the motivation you need so that you can ask for a raise in your job.

3rd House

Ruled by Mercury and Gemini, the third house determines communication and short-distance travel. It can help explain your relationships with your siblings and neighbors and how you communicate and reach out to others.

4th House

Ruled by the Moon and Cancer, the fourth house determines your emotional foundation and family life. It helps explain the events that happen inside your home.

5th House

The Indulgent Venus is ruled by the Sun and Leo. The fifth house shows how you have fun, flirt, and how you want to be romanced.

6th House

Ruled by Mercury and Virgo, the sixth house describes your work, health routine, and daily activities. The 6th house can help you to understand if an office job or belonging to the business world is the perfect job for you.

7th House

Ruled by Venus and Libra, the seventh house represents marriage and long-term relationships. It determines the relationship aspects of your life; this also includes love and business.

8th House

Ruled by Pluto and Scorpio, the eighth house represents sex and mystical practices such as magic, astrology, and tarot. This aspect of your birth chart is where most transformation and growth occur. Individuals with planets in the 8th house experience a lot of significant changes compared to others.

9th House

Ruled by Jupiter and Sagittarius, the ninth house represents wisdom, travel, and philosophy. It can help describe if you favor learning through life events or learn things through conventional academic means.

10th House

Ruled by Saturn and Capricorn, the tenth house represents career, prestige, and public appearance. If you want to know the suitable career for you or why you have made a specific decision, your 10th house can help you understand.

11th House

Ruled by Uranus and Aquarius, the 11th house represents friendships, social relationships, and social networks. This house describes the kind of connections you make with others and how you engage with the people around you.

12th House

Ruled by Neptune and Pisces, the 12th house is the house of the unseen. It governs everything that does not have a physical form, such as emotions, secrets, visions, dreams, etc. Individuals who are born in the 12th house are highly intuitive and can be considered “psychic”.

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