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We like to love others in the same manner that we want to be loved, so paying attention to how we exhibit love to others may help us understand our love language. Let’s take a look at the love language of each zodiac sign.


Aries individuals want confirmation that what they are doing is being viewed well by their partners at the time.  These people are ruled by Mars, the planet of action, and as a result, they prefer to act and respond on impulse, and as a result, they may not have fully considered the next step.

It helps if the partners they love and care about return the favor by offering words of encouragement and gratitude for their efforts. They are straightforward individuals who prefer to accept what others say at face value. Offering an Aries assistance or unwanted advice will almost certainly result in them asserting their independence, much the same as a young child who wants to do everything for himself. People with a lot of Aries in their horoscope may find it difficult to accept, but they enjoy giving.

Words of affirmation are a great way to tell the Aries in your life that they’re doing a great job and that you’re happy with them, which is exactly what we need to hear from the people who are important to us. Simply knowing that you encourage and support them in their endeavors and independence will go a long way toward making them experience being loved and cherished.


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Taureans like physical contact and intimacy. Sensual Taureans also enjoy non-sexual loving touches, such as snuggling, embracing, humorous touches, and holding hands, in addition to sexual touch. Taurus enjoys the tangible tenderness as well as the attention that comes with the intimacy and connection that their loved ones give.

Taurus energy is loyal and caring by nature since it is stable, realistic, and constant. The sense of touch is also one of the five basic senses of the body, which is fitting given how anchored the Taurus personality is in their senses.

It’s a good idea to walk outside and plant our bare feet on the grass when we feel alienated from the world. It works to perform activities that bring us back into our bodies, such as touch, taste, smell, and sound when we feel apart from our bodies. When we feel distanced from our lovers and friends, hugs and embraces are a good way for these fixed earth element signs to actually “get back in touch.” For this sign, warmth and a big hug equate to “love.”


Intellectual discussions and in-depth listening fall under the category of quality time. Although Geminis have a reputation for being superficial, they dislike small chats.  A bored Gemini could think gossip is a fun way to pass the time, but the Gemini method of communication prefers to bypass the superficial and go right to the point.

They are seeking intellectual brains that can vibe with their wavelength. They are outstanding listeners and analysts. And they understand that the only way to discover it is to go deep and talk about the profound problems. The conversation is the greatest method to bring out a Gemini and truly get to know them, as well as making them feel as though you are aware of their concerns. Gemini is a versatile air sign that likes to go with the flow in all aspects of life, including communication.

They may interject to offer a fact or tidbit if something you say reminds them of something else, but they aren’t attempting to disrupt you.  They simply don’t want to forget to tell you something you could find beneficial or essential since they have so many thoughts flying around in their heads.


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A Cancer’s inborn tendency is to nurture those closest to them, and they have a lot of caring energy and a strong emotional perceptive character, but this also means that they aren’t always the most logical. Fixing and creating things, and doing domestic duties are likely to be a difficulty for the Cancer in your life.

So being the yang to their yin and filling in and doing the things that they aren’t naturally strong at – the more physical activities – is a wonderful way to show a Cancer that you care about them. They are not handicapped in any way; their emotional features are simply more prominent than their physical ones.

The feminine intuitive watery moon rules Cancer, whereas the drying warming sun rules the opposite sign.  They require a partner who can pull them out of their shells and out of the dark moods they might go into.


Leos are well aware of their superiority. This might come out as narcissism or brashness to others who don’t know them well.  They believe that everything they don’t know will be worked out and that the love they give out into the world will be repaid in measure.

Words of affirmation are very important to Leos because they realize that if others can appreciate their brilliance, it indicates they are paying attention, which implies they can recognize the wonderful in you.

Leos make excellent rulers, and they understand that great leaders do not exist in isolation; they must surround themselves with a kingdom of equally great but diverse individuals aiming to be the best they can be. Affirming Leo’s excellence might take the form of supporting and building up a concept they’ve expressed to you.

They can be a little obstinate and will do what they want whether or not you agree with them, so it’s not really about that. It’s more about ensuring that others can recognize their excellent traits. As a consequence, affirm the Leos in your life for their ingenuity, happiness, commitment, and reasons, and you will have a devoted friend for life.


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As a sign of service, Virgos work tirelessly and passionately to devote their energies to advocacies that are important to them.   Because they have a strong bond with the Earth, these causes frequently include environmental issues.

They are inspired by the way things are and the methodical steps they can take to improve the situation for everyone. They’re planners and high achievers with the skill set to see a perfect plan being done from concept to completion.

If you live with or know a Virgo, you already know that they are meticulous and structured people who dislike clutter. They go to great lengths to ensure that their outward world mirrors their mental world in terms of attention, order, and everything being in its proper place and at the appropriate time. They might become so engrossed in it that they believe they are the only one in the room who is concerned about maintaining order.

As a result, it’s critical to reassure them that you can see and know this about them and that you should not just accept but also reinforce the organization and structure in the partnership.  It might just include cleaning their home for them while they focus on other activities so they don’t have to worry about it.  Or picking up items for them while you’re out since they’ll be annoyed if they don’t have enough time in the day to do it. Everyone needs someone to care for them, and Virgos forget that they can’t do it all. (They have the desire to succeed, but not necessarily the time or energy to do it.)   They may claim that doesn’t bother them, but when you go out of your way for them, they truly appreciate it.


Libras are drawn to art and visually attractive objects, so it’s no wonder that gift-giving is their preferred method of communication. They enjoy being surrounding by luxurious and appealing styles. Gift-giving brings with it energy and emotional attachment to things through the gift-giver. Libra, an air sign, isn’t always able to communicate or even comprehend their emotional temperament. Gifting a Libra something that matches their mood and aesthetic can tell them that you see them for who they are.

Because they value balance and are competitive, a Libra may feel obligated to offer you something of equal or more value in return – but if that isn’t your aim, you may tell them you’re giving them a present with no expectation of anything in return.   It doesn’t have to be something extravagant or extravagant – a nice book or a romantic dinner may do.


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For Scorpios who enjoy being close to the people they care about, affection is number one. Scorpios may put on a fierce front, but they are very lovable. Well, perhaps scorpions aren’t exactly friendly, but this sign certainly is if you get to know it.  Embraces, gentle strokes, and other shows of physical affection are all wonderful methods to show that you care about your Scorpio partner or friend.

Physical touch is important for babies to feel safe and close to their caretakers, and while non-sexual touching is less common as we get older, it still makes us feel bonded regardless of how old we are or how hardened we appear. To experience connection and affection, a Scorpio needs proximity, and it doesn’t get much better than actually touching another person!


This Jupiter-ruled sign is constantly on the move, exploring, discovering new skills, and visiting new places, and they revel in crowds. A great activity for a Sagittarius is anything that allows them to be engaged while doing so in a huge group of people, encouraging them to put their boundless energy to good effect. Nothing thrills them more than finding that individual – or, more likely, a set of people – who are up for everything they want to do, go, and know how to have a good time while doing it.

Even when things don’t go as planned, Sagittarius knows how to admit it and be truthful about it, so it’s not pretentious, but it’s the Jupiter energy that rules them that understands that whatever happens in the material universe is a part of a much larger whole, the experience of being in a body and loving every minute – peaks and troughs alike.

They have a profound belief that no matter what occurs, with the aid of their friends and support networks, they will be able to get through it.  These folks value quality time as well as adventure.


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Capricorns have a lot of ambition, so something practical that shows you support their ambitions, as well as something that saves them time, would be appreciated.  They’ll enjoy sensible presents, such as tools to help them enhance themselves or grow professionally.

It’s important to note that things aren’t always how they look on the outside, especially for Capricorns who are sometimes regarded as aloof or impersonal.  Capricorn is controlled by Saturn, and as a result, has a more stern and serious personality. This does not imply they are uncaring; rather, they handle their feelings from a logical viewpoint.

One of the reasons why a quality present is ideal for a Capricorn is that it will remind them of you every time they look at it. They’re sentimental, but they’re also more concrete and nostalgic, and a present that lasts for years is a fantastic gift because it’s something they can genuinely grasp onto in this material realm. A present to a Capricorn communicates something that sometimes speech can’t, and they’ll recognize the person who gave it to them when they see the gift.


An Aquarius who has chosen their path envisions a future in which we all do a bit more for each other in our daily lives. From apparently little tasks such as getting a cup of coffee for a buddy on the way to meet up with them. These aren’t big acts, but they often send a message that everyone counts, regardless of status, identity, or physical look.

They have the symbol of the “water carrier” and are air characters, which means they spend a lot of time thinking about how the universe may be a happier place.  They may be so focused on inventing and breakthroughs that trivial matters tend to fade away.

Here is where friends and loved ones help them out with small tasks without being requested. As much as anything else, they’ll be happy you recognized their need and are likely to repay the gesture.


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Quality time for Pisces is more about creating memories and sharing adventures and experiences that they will remember for the rest of their lives. They’re also great listeners, although they’re usually engaged with something else. They need to get out of their minds and into their bodies, which they may do through group activities, team sports, and group outings.

They recognize that we are here for a good time, not a long time, and as a result, they are prepared to build memories and value experiences above stuff. Get to know your Zodiac sign deeper when you book an Astrology reading with Korrina Perla! Best Orange County Astrology is located at 177 22nd Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92627, USA. Call us at 949-205-6968 to inquire, or email us at .