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Why Astrology?

Nov 30, 20220 comments

Years and years and years ago… Before we had the internet and television and radio, people actually sat around and sat outside together and observed things, like the sky, the sun, the moon, stars, and constellations. People watched the celestial bodies travel on the heavenly path. For years they kept track of the positions and separated the heavenly path into 12 sections. The 12 sections became the Zodiac signs. That was the beginning of an exciting journey, and the people explored, studied, and wrote things down. That was the beginning of Astrology, but that’s enough of history.


There are different types of astrology readings:
THE BIRTH CHART OR NATAL CHART readings: You need to know the time you were born, and that will reveal the precise location of your first house, the rising sign or also called ascendant. Now you got a chart with 12 houses, and in those 12 houses are the 10 planets. Everybody has 5 inner planets { sun, moon, mercury, venus, mars} and 5 outer planets { saturn, jupiter, uranus, neptune, pluto } it provides insight into your personality, your strength, weakness, passion, and what are the lessons to learn in this lifetime! What is your purpose? And so much more to explore and chart.

What are TRANSITS: Planetary transits can affect your current existence in your life. We can see if it’s a good time to go forward, is it better to wait, maybe you are going through a dark time because you have to look within at this time. Watch your diet, and have patience. Maybe a good time to move, get a new job, or ask for a raise…

What are PROGRESSIONS: It shows how you have grown and matured over the years. What are the 10 planets saying to us now, what is the progress? Do you have more patience now or are you more on the wild side? Are you taking more risks…

COUPLE readings: It explores your charts together. Most important are the sun signs {personality}. Are they compatible? Moon signs {emotions} are in favorite positions, and the rising sign {soul}, as well as any other planets and signs between your charts. We can discuss the good points and the weak points. What do you need to be aware of?

ASTROLOGY counseling: A way to gain insight into a specific problem you are having right now, is it time to go within? Is it time to move forward or maybe to stay still? I can listen to your worries, show you another way to look at things, and give you hope that it will get better. Let you see another path…

No matter what kind of reading you are getting, an Astrologer or Psychic will never decide for you. Only you can decide what lies ahead !!


  1. BRING YOU HOPE—- Daily, monthly or yearly readings can bring you encouragement, can bring results, or solutions. Astrology is a good tool for self-improvement. It gives you a push, or it’s helpful to an idea, and can give you a heads up for what lies ahead.
  2. THEY WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THEMSELVES—- In astrology, there are 12 signs, each with its own symbols, history and personality, traits, elements, and modality the relationship between planets can give you a lot of personal information. You can make clients aware of their weaknesses and work to see strengths, and be mindful of what they are looking for. Let them see the glass is half full and not half empty. Help encourage.
  3. JUST CURIOUS TO KNOW—Astrology and the Horoscope can give you genuinely a sense of novelty. Each sign is naturally compatible with the archetypes and can, in fact, augment each other. For example: Aries is associated with the Warrior or Hero archetype; therefore it is a naturally strong-willed figure and always looks ahead.
  4. LOOKING FOR GUIDANCE—Some people feel the urgency to find advice about matters such as lack of motivation. Most people are aware of their own situations in life, but still look for something more, something different, something more exciting, so they reach out to astrology or the horoscope.
  5. FIND BALANCE— If you are doubtful and don’t know how to balance your life, you must look for your astrology chart. It has every fact that may help you to overview your life and choose the right path. Your zodiac sign will tell you about the right career options and share the perfect advice for promotion. It will boost your confidence and guide you with the perfect advice.
    You may also use it as a perfect counselor for your love life and understand your partner with his/her zodiac sign. Also, you can use cosmic insight to get out of the financial crises and enhance your wealth.
A person can only learn from his/her own experience. You may only know about astrology effects if your personality applies it in your life. And, have trust. You will not be the first one. There were many who were skeptical and started with doubts. They were surprised how learning about Astrology, the Zodiac signs, and their personality traits changed their perspective.
Things got interesting and their lives became more meaningful. But still, it’s their experience and you can only believe in it if you really feel it from within.