Numerology has been gaining more and more popularity over the past years. An increasing number of people are joining courses, or reading books and articles to study numerology. The internet also offers free resources for self-study.

People who do not believe in astrology but crave guidance through other occult sciences tend to have a preference for numerology. Many astrologers also use numerology to guide their clients. 

So why is there a surge in the popularity of numerology? It is because between numerology and astrology, the former is more scientific and practical. Numerology is also easy to understand, learn and practice. 

Uses of Numerology

Below are some of the top uses of numerology.

To better understand yourself and your purpose here on the earth

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Numerology studies the symbolism of numbers to help you determine your personality, strengths and weaknesses, inner needs, emotional responses, and how you deal with other people. Understanding one’s self is one of the greatest achievements because it can guide us in choosing our reasons for living our lives. 

Through your birth date and the numbers derived from your name, you can determine your core numbers, which are the most important numbers in your numerology chart. Your core numbers are comprised of your life path number, expression number, heart’s desire number, and personality number.

Life Path number

The Life Path number is considered the most important and influential number in your numerology chart. It is derived from the total of the digits of your full date of birth. Your Life Path number reveals the path you are traveling and will travel in this lifetime — including the challenges and opportunities you will meet on the way as you traverse that path. This number also gives you a general outline of the personal traits that will help you succeed on this journey. 

Expression number

Your Expression number is based on the numbers that correspond to all the letters in your full birth name. It can tell you a lot about the talents and abilities you were given at birth, which can also help you determine your potential or destiny.

Heart’s Desire number

Like what the name implies, your heart’s desire number represents your innermost dreams and yearnings. It reveals your likes and dislikes, which serve as the underlying motivation behind all your actions. This number is derived from the numerology value of the vowels in your full birth name. The Heart’s Desire number is also sometimes referred to as the Soul’s Urge.

Personality number

This number is derived from the consonants in your full birth name. Your Personality number tells about your surface traits. It reveals the characteristics that other people see in you and how they perceive you before they get to know you. 

Hereditary number

The Heredity number is derived from the numerology value you get when you add your father’s last name and mother’s maiden name. It reveals your behavior as influenced by your family lineage.

To determine compatibility in relationships

Numerology is a useful tool in calculating compatibility between two people in a relationship. The science is based on the numbers 1-9, which represent different characteristics. Romantic compatibility is calculated based on two people’s Life Path numbers.

People with the same Life Path number share the same frequency, so they click instantly. Their connections flow with ease and are filled with magic. Individuals whose Life Path number is multiples of 2 and 3 are also very compatible. 

On the other hand, people with incompatible Life Path numbers, like 1 and 7, tend to clash or are just plain neutral. A relationship between two people with incompatible Life Path numbers tends to be full of challenges and short-lived.  

Numerology compatibility is not only useful when choosing a perfect life partner, but also in various fields of life including a business partnership. Choosing a perfect life or business partner through numerology will lead you to a happy, successful, and flourishing relationship.

To help you choose the right career

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Choosing a career that is compatible with your life path number will lead you to success. On the other hand, choosing a career that is not numerologically fit with your career may lead to failure. 

Here are the right careers for you according to your Life Path number:

Number 1: You are a born leader and would do well being the boss of your own business. 

Number 2: You are highly creative and would excel in the field of arts. You are also highly diplomatic.

Number 3: You have a natural gift of expressing yourself. A career that in the entertainment industry suits you well. 

Number 4: You are extremely intelligent and enjoy stability and routine. You can make a lot of money with your hard work.

Number 5: You are multi-talented and highly individualistic and like to take risks. A career that feels new and fresh each day can make you happy. 

Number 6: You are highly charismatic and work best when working with other people than by yourself. A career that makes you feel emotionally connected with others can make you feel accomplished and grateful.

Number 7: You are an introvert who likes to observe, think, and analyze. An intellectually challenging career in the arts, sciences, or philosophy can bring you a lot of success. 

Number 8: You have a strong need for organization and financial security, but you are also inclined towards humanitarian fields. 

Number 9: You’re extremely active and courageous. You will exceptionally do well in the field of sports. 

Choosing a career according to your numbers and your passions will be very beneficial and lead you to great success.

To choose the right place or city to live in

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The place you live in can affect your health, happiness, and success, and happiness.  Living in the wrong city can hinder your potential, in the same way as choosing a place to live that is compatible with your birth number can maximize your success. 

To choose your best places for your career or living, make sure that the numerology for your house or apartment is aligned with your Life Path numbers. The places which are compatible with your Life Path numbers will give you success in your career and living.

Below are the personalities of a place based on their numbers:

Number 1: This place establishes independence, and can foster self-confidence, courage, and determination. This is not the place for people looking for a family environment. 

Number 2: The environment in this place nurtures relationships and love, and supports people who want to build their lives together. It is not ideal for people who want to resent themselves dynamically to the world. 

Number 3: This place is filled with joy, laughter, optimism, and good energy, and fosters creativity. This is not a place for a solitary retreat. 

Number 4: This place supports stability and security, and is good for people who want to grow a business or a family. This is not for people who despise structure and order.

Number 5: Fun and adventure fill this place. The energy in this home is fast, so it’s not suited for people who want a solid and steady environment. 

Number 6: This is a place teeming with warmth and compassion, and is best for nurturing children. If you’re not ready to take on responsibilities, this is not the place for you.

Number 7: You can find solitude and spirituality in this place, which can promote contemplation to help you find your inner self. This place can be challenging for people who are prioritizing financial success and a high-energy career. 

Number 8: It’s all about power and prestige in this place. People who are hungry for achievements in the material world will find success in this place. This is not for people who are looking for a relaxed environment. 

Number 9: Selflessness and forgiveness are two prevailing characters of this place. The environment is best for people who like to do humanitarian works. This place can be challenging for people who want to focus on themselves. 

Numerology can be useful in helping you make the most out of your strengths, and enable you to better deal with your weaknesses. Numerology involves science, and it can help you navigate through the challenges of life by helping you analyze the meaning behind numbers.

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